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Board Mission, Vision and Core Values


The Mission of the Tuolumne Utilities District is to Provide:

Provide Responsible Water and Wastewater Services for our Customers with Great Customer Service in a Socially, Financially and Environmentally Responsive Manner at a fair value.




Provide Responsible Water and Wastewater Services for our Customers with Great Customer Service in a Socially, Financially and Environmentally Responsive Manner at a fair value.


Sustainable Water Resources; Safe, Secure and High-Quality Water; Effective Collection, Treatment and Disposal of Wastewater and Best use of TUD Properties for Community Benefit.


The District is proactive in forwarding & protecting the interests of our customers and the community.

The District supports “Best Management” practices, respects the rich cultural history of our community and manages resources on a sustainable basis for future generations.

Transparency & Open Communication
Information freely flows to and from all levels of the organization, respect and thoughtful consideration is given to each other’s differences and opinions, and all participants are provided the same information.

Collaboration & Community Engagement
Board & District Staff listen and openly share ideas to achieve better decisions and outcomes with our customers and partners.

Organizational Integrity
Respect, Commitment, Responsibility, Ethical Behavior, Safety, High Quality Customer Service, Teamwork & Accountability are the hallmark of the organization.

Highly Effective and Safe Workforce
The District supports well-qualified, trained and committed employees who work safely and give their best to get the job done and provide the best customer service available.

Secure Water Supply
› Secure surface water supply from New Melones
› Regional Septage Receiving Facility Upgrade
› Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
› Sonora Regional Water Treatment Plant Consolidation

Bay Delta Plan SED Response: Monitoring and Comment
Strategic Plan 2018-2023-2033: Update
Hazard Trees Mitigation Program: Report
Ditch Water Balance: Data Gathering/Analysis
Water ESFR Capacity Chart: Update
Ditch MID Customer Metering: Installation
Toilet Rebate Program (RCD)
Safety Compliance Coordinator
GIS Technician
2018 Safety Plan
Electronic Mapping and Records Management

Field Book Improvements
Fund Reserve Plan: Implementation
Reclaimed Water Contract: Review
Annual CAL PERS Report
CIP Update
Patch Paving Contract
Water Tank Master Plan
CIP: Monthly Report
Annual Dive Clean and Inspections (15 Tanks)
Short Term Maintenance Projects
Fire Protection for Water Flume System
Sewer Collection System CCTV and Repairs

Jamestown Reservoir Replacement Project
Columbia County Estates Sewer Lift Station
Curtis Creek Elementary School Intertie: Funding
Annual Sewer Pipeline Lining (CIPP)
Matelot Pipeline: Right-of-Way Acquisition

Annual Ditch Maintenance Projects
Pedro Y Utility Relocation
Upper Columbia Spill #1
Upper Columbia Shoot Pipeline
Ditch Meter Installation


The primary purpose of the Tuolumne Utilities District is to efficiently provide reliable, reasonably priced water, sewer, and other services authorized under the California State Water Code to customers within its service area and to protect and utilize the available water resources within Tuolumne County for both present and future beneficial uses by residents within the District’s jurisdiction. Listed below are policies that have been adopted by the District.


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a high-level, interactive, collaborative planning process to assist organizations set clear direction over all operational aspects of the organization. The Strategic Planning process takes into consideration the context and history of the region’s demographics, geography, climate, and cultural context, all play a role in establishing a framework for identifying the future direction and priorities of the District’s scare resources of both time and money.

For 2019, the Strategic Planning Process  incorporated numerous workshops between a cross-section of staff and noticed public workshops for the Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD or District) Board of Directors, staff, and the community to discuss organizational principles, such as the TUD Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Organization Values, and concerns and priorities of the TUD staff, TUD Board of Directors, and the community at large to carry out the mission of the District.

The Board of Directors approved and adopted the Strategic Plan on June 11, 2019. The complete report can be viewed below.

2019 Strategic Plan – Adopted June 11, 2019


The Board of Directors developed a Strategic Plan in 2007 which was adopted in 2008. This Plan seeked to accomplish an assessment of the Tuolumne Utilities District, the state of District operations, it gathered and analyzed information, in order to make clear decisions for the future and chart clear implementation through strategic actions and initiatives over a five-year period. See the documents listed below.

Board Directors

TUD is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, elected at large. The Board of Directors establishes policies for the operation of the District.

Board Meeting

The public is encouraged and invited to attend the regularly scheduled District Board meetings which occur at 2pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.

Board Vision & Goals

The Board of Directors meet annually to set Strategic Goals, Vision, Plan and Execution for the District.

Agenda, Minutes & Video

TUD Board of Director meetings can be viewed LIVE by simply connecting through the internet. Or to find out more about the TUD Board meetings – including Agenda, Minutes or Video any time.


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