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Colder Temperatures Could Make An Impact On Your Pipes

The National Weather Service in Sacramento is predicting colder temperatures for the Mother Lode region starting tonight, December 19th. A fast and cold storm system will move through Northern California Tuesday night into Wednesday. Temperatures could lower into the 20’s overnight starting Wednesday, December 20th. After the storm passes, freezing temperatures are likely across much of the region for a few nights with clear and dry conditions. Freezing temperatures can result in broken pipes or leave homeowners without water.

If you have not taken steps to prepare for freezing temperatures, Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) would like to remind you some simple precautionary steps that will help you protect your home and property from cold winter conditions, and prevent pipes from freezing. 

Insulate Exposed Pipes, Faucets and Pipes Prone to Freezing:

Outside pipes and faucets, and pipes in unheated garages and crawl spaces are most vulnerable to freezing weather. To prevent pipes from freezing, wrap them with insulating material. Cover them with plastic and secure with tape, string, or wire. Also, remember to disconnect garden hoses.

Locate Your Main Shut-Off Valve:

Don’t wait for an emergency. Find your main water shut-off valve now! If a pipe breaks, you can stop excessive water loss and flooding by turning off your main water shut-off valve. It is commonly located next to the meter, in the garage, or outdoors by the foundation. Test the valves by turning the handle to be sure it is working properly and identify it with a tag. If a main shut-off valve does not exist, it is worth having one installed now by your plumber.

What to do if a Pipe Freezes?

Never thaw with an open flame.  Open the faucet first. Start by warming the pipe as close to the faucet as possible working toward the coldest section of the pipe. Apply heat slowly with a light bulb or a hair dryer set on low. Keep the heat moving in that general area, but never concentrate heat on one spot.  If that doesn’t work, call a plumber.  

For more tips on how to protect your home in winter, go to this link: https://tudwater.com/customer-service/winterize/


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