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TUD strives for excellence in customer service. A dedicated staff provides a wide range of services including assisting our customers with all water and wastewater service related issues, new service installations, new accounts, billing, payment processing, collections and water use efficiency.


Hours: 7am to 4pm (Monday thru Friday)
Closed on Major Holidays

Office Location:
18885 Nugget Blvd, off of Tuolumne Road
Sonora, CA 95370

Phone: 209-532-5536
Fax: 209-536-6485
Email: customersvc@tudwater.com



Depending on your location, our meter readers will read your water meter about every two months. After reading your meter, TUD will send you a billing statement with your current charges due. Your bill is due 30 days after the billing statement date.

You can pay 24/7 online by making a payment through the TUD Payment Center. To utilize this option you will your TUD account number and the last name or business that appears on your TUD account. You can find out all about your TUD account anytime. It’s FREE, simple to use and so convenient.

Sign up today to:
– Check your current and previous water consumption.
– Help save a tree by signing up for paperless billing.
– View current or past billings.


TUD accepts Cash, Check, Credit Card (Discover, Visa and MasterCard) or Debit at the TUD office located at 18885 Nugget Blvd. during regular business hours, (7am to 4pm) Monday thru Friday.


For your convenience, we have a secure “After Hours” drop box located in the front TUD parking lot area.

You can reach our friendly Customer Service staff by telephone between the hours of 7am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. We gladly accept Discover, Visa and MasterCard; or you may pay by Check. If you choose to pay by Check you will need to have your bank’s routing number and checking account available. Before speaking to our Customer Service staff,  please have your TUD account number and your property service address.

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Sewer Rates 2020Download
Water Rates 2020Download
Tenant Water/Sewer Agreement for ServiceDownload
Owner Authorization FormDownload


“A TUD field technician went out of his way to help me find a water leak. I had looked everywhere and just couldn’t find it. It took some effort and time but he helped me finally find the leak. I am so appreciative of his time and his diligence. He also answered all my questions. Thank you!”

John Van Dyck, Twain Harte
(December 2020)

“I just wanted to take a moment to inform you of recent events near my property at Tamalpais Court.  Yesterday the main water line for our Court burst and was gushing pretty good.  I notified TUD immediately by calling the local Sonora office.  Your phone system was very easy to navigate and took me straight to a representative.  I was very politely greeted and I told the customer service representative what was going on.  She was very polite and told me she would notify a team right away. 

A very nice young man arrived within 15 minutes or so.  He asked me a couple of questions and told me he was notifying the supervisor of what he found.  He told me what I could expect to happen in the next couple of hours, and he stayed onsite until others arrived and the work order was set in motion.  The entire crew that was sent out here were all very polite and courteous.  They kept me informed of what was going on throughout the whole process.  This entire crew worked hard all day.  I didn’t see one slacker in the bunch.  They had a very long day here yesterday, and they arrived early this morning to finish doing exactly what they told me they would.

I want to thank them all for their very quick response to this problem., and for working so hard and so long to restore our water.   I wish I knew all of their names so that I could thank them individually.  Please do that for me. Your website indicates TUD strives for great customer service.  The employees that were involved in this process yesterday, from the first phone call on, exemplify GREAT customer service and should be rewarded for their outstanding service to your customers.”

Louise, Sonora
(October 2019)

“We have a house located on Willow Springs Drive in Soulsbyville. Recently, we received a tag from a meter reader which advised us that we may have a leak. While we have no evidence of that, we are investigating.

Part of our effort to investigate has involved calling your office multiple times to discuss potential causes and receive some direction. We have been in direct contact by phone and/or email with Calisha in your Customer Service department, and at every juncture, she has been incredible, friendly and enthusiastic. Furthermore, Calisha is knowledgeable, compassionate, thorough, and all about customer service. I spent 32 years in the fire service, so I am very well-versed in what great service is, and these days, great customer service is a lost art.

It is very easy and convenient for customers to complain about things, some warranted and some not, however, compliments are few and far between. I imagine you already know how fortunate you are to have Calisha representing TUD, however, now you know we feel the same way.

Way to go Calisha and thank you!!!”

Paul Schuller, Soulsbyville
(June 2019)


01 Authorize

Your landowner will need to have an Owner Authorization Form completed and submitted to TUD before we can accept your Tenant Water/Sewer Agreement for Service. 

02 Apply

If your landowner is a TUD customer, you may have your water/sewer billing sent directly to you by completing a Tenant Water/Sewer Agreement for Service.

03 Deposit

An $80.00 deposit for water service and $60.00 for wastewater service is required. 

04 Help

For any questions or concerns please contact TUD’s Customer Service staff at 209-532-5536 or email customersvc@tudwater.com


If you are moving or have a change to your existing water/sewer service, just give one of our friendly customer service members a call at 532-5536 (Monday thru Friday, 7am to 4pm) and they will be glad to setup your account. 


Although a package may be marked as “flushable”, that is not the case in most instances when it comes to traveling through a sewer system. The highly marketable premoistened personal wipes are causing problems for wastewater plant managers throughout the United States, including TUD’s Regional Wastewater Treatment facility in Sonora. Unlike toilet paper, which is usually made from natural or recycled cellulose fibers, a wet wipe may be made from cellulosic or synthetic fibers, depending on its intended use. Many studies have concluded that after 24 hours, most “flushable” wipes do not dissolve and remain in the sewer system. TUD would like to ask all of our sewer customers to avoid flushing any type of wipe, “flushable” or otherwise, down the toilet. This will prevent costly clogs and environmentally damaging overflows. Watch the informational video to the right for more information about this issue.



TUD customers with water service are billed in bi-monthly intervals according to meter size and water consumption. TUD sewer rates are billed monthly or if they have a combined water and sewer account are billed bi-monthly.


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