How Do I

Pay my Bill:

There are several ways you can pay your TUD bill!

  • Payments can be made by phone, 24/7 by calling our automated toll-free number at (877) 812-3498.
  • For assisted phone payments & account inquiries, call our office at (209) 532-5536.
  • To make an online payment or to set up Autopay, click here.
  • To mail a check or Money Order payment, please mail to:
    P.O. Box 980278
    West Sacramento, CA 95798

The District accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, e-check, checks and money orders. If sending in a payment via mail, please send checks only- no cash.  Customers may also place check payments in our secure drop box located in the parking lot at the TUD office at 18885 Nugget Blvd., Sonora.

Need assistance with your water and/or wastewater bill? 


You may be eligible for help.  Call ATCAA at (209) 533-1397 or click the following link to get more information about qualifying for the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) through ATCAA:

Create an online account:

If no payments have been made on your account yet, you will enter $0.00 for the last payment made.

Signing up for an online account is easy and only takes a few minutes. To register for an online account, click here. You will need your account number and the last payment amount made on the account. You can locate these on your bill or contact Customer Service at (209) 532-5536.

By creating an online account, you can view and pay your bill, review your consumption history, set up auto pay, pay-by text and sign up for e-billing.

How to read your meter:

The district has various types of water meters, but the most common meter is a Neptune brand meter. Reading your meter can help you determine if you have a water leak and also see how much water consumption your home may be using. For instructions, click this link to download the Neptune-How to Read Your Meter pdf.

Find out more about billing rates:

Depending on the services provided at your location, you will be billed a base water rate, a water consumption rate and/or a base sewer rate. Your bill will contain charges incurred for the prior 60-day period (billed in arrears).

Click here to view the current Water Rates and Sewer Rates.

Please call Customer Service at (209) 532-5536 for any billing questions.

Read my bill:

The district bills each customer on a bimonthly basis (you will receive a bill every other month). See the sample for key items to view on your bill.

For questions concerning your bill, contact Customer Service at (209) 532-5536.

Start or stop services:
  • I purchased or sold a home:
    • Call our Customer Service Department at (209) 532-5536 or email us at to make changes to your TUD account.
  • I am renting a home:
    • As a courtesy, property owners may have billing sent directly to their tenant. To accomplish this:
      • Authorize: The landlord will need to complete and sign an Owner Authorization Form.
      • Apply: Once TUD has a signed Owners Authorization Form on file, the tenant must complete and sign the Tenant Water/Sewer Agreement for Service.
      • Deposit: An $80 deposit for water service and $60 deposit for sewer service must accompany the Tenant’s Agreement for Service.
  • I am a tenant that is moving out of a home:
    • Call our Customer Service Department at (209) 532-5536 or email us with your move out date and forwarding address at

For assistance with changes to your water/sewer service, call Customer Service at (209) 532-5536 or email

Find customer service forms:

Click here to go to TUD’s customer service forms:

Determine if I have a leak?

If your water bill is higher than normal, it may be time to check for a leak.  Leaking water causes higher than normal water bills.  What can you do?

Check the easy things first:

  • Look for dripping faucets, irrigation leaks, running toilets, or a leaking water heater.  Some leaks are sporadic and require a little more detective work while others may be obvious.
  • It may be helpful to check your water meter. Make sure no water is being used inside or outside of your house. Locate the leak indicator on your meter to see if it is moving. Depending on the brand of your meter, the leak indicator could be a small triangular shaped dial or a small silver wheel that rotates when water is flowing through the meter.  On newer, digital meters, a water droplet image will appear on the meter head which indicates you have a leak.
  • If you have a Neptune meter, view this informational document to see How To Read Your Meter.

It might be out of sight:

  • After checking obvious areas, an underground leak is next in the investigations.  These types of leaks can go undetected since most lines are buried at least 3 feet below ground level. If you are still unable to locate the leak, a licensed plumber should be called.
Report a water or sewer emergency:

Call TUD 24–hours a day, seven days a week at (209) 532-5536 to report a water or sewer emergency. If the emergency occurs after normal business hours (after 4 PM), our answering service will notify our on-call staff.

Contact TUD:

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your water and/or sewer service, please contact Customer Service at (209) 532-5536, or email:

Hours: 7am to 4pm (Monday thru Friday). Closed on Major Holidays.

Apply for a job:
Thank you for your interest in joining the TUD team! The District will post current job opportunities on this website on the Careers/Job Openings page. Applications are only accepted for open and posted positions. For more information go to this page,
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