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Request for Proposal Environmental Compliance for Proposed Sierra Pines Regional Water Treatment Facility

Request for Proposal Environmental Compliance Services for Proposed Sierra Pines Regional Water Treatment Facility

To: Contractors

Environmental Compliance Services for Proposed
Sierra Pines Regional Water Treatment Facility

The District recently evaluated alternatives for consolidation of its water treatment facilities. The TUD Board’s preferred consolidation alternative involves constructing a new regional water treatment facility on property owned by the District at Sierra Pines.

A recurring challenge for the District is to reconcile the costs of operating and maintaining 11 separate surface water treatment plants and 3 stand-alone groundwater systems. These water systems developed Tuolumne Utilities District 2 RFP-Sierra Pines Environmental Compliance independently decades ago, before many of the latest revisions to the Safe Drinking Water Act, and without consideration of the long-term implications to the overall provision of water service in the County. Additionally, due to the demographics of Tuolumne County, these systems serve relatively low population densities and the District is currently unable to capitalize on economies of scale and must maintain a relatively large O&M staff relative to the number of connections. Most of the District’s treatment facilities have reached the end of their useful life and/or are near capacity. The District would like to consolidate treatment facilities to take advantage of economies of scale, and to create more sustainable operations and maintenance.

The Sierra Pines site presents a unique opportunity for the District to phase in the ultimate consolidation of up to seven District owned surface water treatment plants (1. Cedar Ridge, 2. Crystal Falls, 3. Lakewood Park, 4. Ponderosa Hills, 5. Monte Grande, 6. Tuolumne City and 7. Scenic View). Additionally, the facility has the potential to consolidate several other private and mutual water companies in the area. The property is at the confluence of two important raw water supply conveyances for the District; PG&E’s Tuolumne Main Canal and the TUD Section 4 Ditch. The site is also at an elevation that maximizes the distribution of treated water by gravity.

The District purchased the 46-acre site in 2008. Carollo Engineers recently completed preliminary design for a water treatment facility with an initial capacity to process 3 mgd, expandable to an ultimate capacity of 5 mgd. Selected excerpts of the Preliminary Design Report are included as Exhibit A of this RFP. Additionally, a wetland delineation was completed in November 2019 and TUD’s consultant is preparing to submit the delineation to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a Jurisdictional Determination. The draft wetland delineation is included as Exhibit B. The preliminary cost estimate for the project is approximately $30 million. The District has not secured a funding source. CEQA and NEPA compliance are pre-requisites for the District to submit competitive funding applications through the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (“SRF”) Program, the USDA Water and Waste Loan and Grant Program (“USDA”), and others.

Addendum No. 1 – Sierra Pines Environmental Compliance

Request for Proposal – Project Information

Post Date

December 5, 2019

Close Date

January 16, 2020
by 2:00 pm

Contact Information

Engineering Department
         Erik D. Johnson
         District Engineer
         209-532-5536 x 520

Submit Proposals To:

        Tuolumne Utilities District
        Attn: Makayla Dillon
        18885 Nugget Blvd.
        Sonora, CA.  95370

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