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2024April-June 2024Quarterly On-Tap April-June 2024
2024January-March 2024Quarterly On-Tap January-March 2024
2023October-December 2023Quarterly On-Tap October-December 2023
2023July-Septmeber 2023Quarterly On-Tap July-September 2023
2023April-June 2023Quarterly On-Tap April-June 2023
2023January-March 2023Quarterly On Tap January-March 2023
2022September-October 2022On Tap: September-October 2022
2022July-August 2022On Tap: July-August 2022
2022May-June 2022On Tap: May-June 2022
2022March-April 2022On Tap: March-April 2022
2022January-February 2022On Tap: Jan-Feb 2022
2021November-December 2021On Tap: Nov-Dec 2021
2021September-October 2021On Tap: Sept-Oct 2021
2021July-August 2021On Tap: July-August 2021
2021May-June 2021On Tap: May-June 2021
2021March-April 2021On Tap: March-April 2021
2021January-February 2021On Tap: January - February 2021
2020November-December 2020On Tap: November-December 2020
2020September-October 2020On Tap: September-October 2020
2020July-August 2020On Tap: July-August 2020
2020May-June 2020On Tap: May-June 2020
2020March-April 2020On Tap: March-April 2020
2020January-February 2020On Tap: Jan-Feb 2020
2019November-December 2019On Tap: Nov-Dec 2019
2019September-October 2019On Tap: Sept-Oct 2019
2019July-August 2019On Tap: July-August 2019
2019March-April 2019On Tap: March-April 2019
2019January-February 2019On Tap: January-February 2019
2018November-December 2018On Tap: November-December 2018
2018September-October 2018On Tap: September-October 2018
2018July-August 2018On Tap: July-August 2018
2018May-June 2018On Tap: May-June 2018
2018March-April 2018On Tap: March-April 2018
2018January-February 2018On Tap: Jan-Feb 2018
2017November-December 2017On Tap: Nov-Dec 2017
2017September-October 2017On Tap: Sept-Oct 2017
2017July-August 2017On Tap: July-Aug 2017
2017May-June 2017On Tap: May-June 2017
2017March-April 2017On Tap: March-April 2017
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