Treated Water System Optimization Presented

SONORA, CA: Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) Engineers will present the Treated Water
System Optimization Plan (TWSOP) at a special Board meeting on Wednesday, June 27
th. The TWSOP was a main component of TUD’s 2008 Strategic Plan and the goal of the Plan is to develop a comprehensive “roadmap” for infrastructure replacement and improvements with a 20 year planning horizon that will provide clear direction for a sustainable treated water system.

The District currently operates 17 water treatment plants systems. The TWSOP will be structured for a five year update cycle. The TWSOP will establish system planning criteria, develop population and growth projections, evaluate and analyze the condition of existing water treatment and distribution systems, develop a Capital Improvement Plan, (“CIP”), evaluate the existing rate and fee structure and determine if they are adequate to
support the CIP.

In the last 21 years TUD has spent over $78 million dollars on infrastructure improvements. “The TWSOP will be a road map to help the Board make knowledge-based decisions on the best way to efficiently make improvements to the system and provide our customers with clear information on how we will be investing their money over the long term,” states Tom Scesa, District Engineer.

At this meeting district staff will provide the Board an over view of the project and update on the TWSOP. The Special Board meeting begins at 9am, Wednesday, June 27th at the TUD Board room at 18885 Nugget Blvd., Sonora.

The Tuolumne Utilities District currently serves over 44,000 Tuolumne County residents. The District currently owns and operates 14 water treatment plants, 71 treated water storage tanks, two wastewater treatment plants, approximately 57 miles of open ditches, 157 miles of sewer collection pipe and 330 miles of treated water pipeline.

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