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TUD Priorities: A Message from TUD General Manager, Edwin R. Pattison

A Message from Edwin R. Pattison, General Manager

Each year, District staff works with the TUD Board of Directors to evaluate and update TUD priorities through a multi-step process. This comprehensive, interactive discussion occurs during the course of about six- months beginning in the new calendar year and concludes in June with adoption of a budget package that consists of the Strategic Plan, Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), and the Fiscal Year Budget. Why do we go through all this trouble to develop an annual budget? First, we want to maximize value to the District’s customers and ensure all who desire input have that opportunity in assisting TUD head in the right direction. Secondly, the needs of Tuolumne County and TUD’s customers are great, therefore, we must carefully identify existing and emerging issues and prioritize among competing needs to achieve successful implementation of the District’s Mission and Vision Statements. See the links below for the Draft Budget FY21 PowerPoint, Strategic Plan and Capital Improvement Plan documents.

Adopted Budget FY 21 – June 2020
2020 Strategic Plan Update – April 2020
2019 Strategic Plan – Adopted June 2019
CIP Update Draft FY21-FY25 – April 2020
CIP FY20-FY24 – Adopted June 2019


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