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Bourbon Street Water Main Replacement Project

Installing a water line

Tuolumne Utilities District will oversee the installation of a new water main as part of the Bourbon Street Water Main Replacement Project which started on September 4, 2018. TUD received three bids for the project and the TUD Board awarded the project to Njirich & Sons, Inc. in the amount of $324,307.75.

The Bourbon Street Water Main Replacement project entails the installation of approximately 1,820 feet of new water main which is a major feedline from the Sonora Water Treatment Plant to the City of Sonora.  The existing water main is approximately 80 plus years in age, 8‑inches in diameter, is composed of cast iron, and currently runs cross country through multiple properties.  The main is prone to leaks and breaks which has led to property damage due to flooding in the past.

Residents along Bourbon Street in downtown Sonora will notice construction work being completed by the contractor, Njrich & Sons, Inc. The project is expected to be completed by mid-October.

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