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Completed Sewer Lift Station Projects

How the sewer works

TUD’s wastewater collection system conveys wastewater and solids from a customer’s home or business to a wastewater treatment plant.  In most cases, the wastewater collection system conveys wastewater by gravity utilizing the natural slope of the land.  Many areas in Tuolumne County require a lift station which is used to pump wastewater out of low-lying areas where gravity flow is not possible. TUD owns and operates several sewer lift stations that are aged and in need of replacement.

Parrotts Ferry Sewer Lift Station

One of the most critical sewer lift stations in the TUD system is the Parrotts Ferry Sewer Lift Station.  An extremely high flow rate comes into this station; however, the main sump and overflow sump were severely undersized.  The building, generator and panel all needed replacement. The station has been completely rebuilt so there will be ample storage in extreme conditions.

Mono Village Lift Station Bypass 

The Mono Village lift station serves approximately 175 residential and commercial service connections. The facility consists of single concrete vault structure covered by a deteriorated wood structure. The facility is located along the shoulder and into a cut bank on the side of Mono Way. There is no designated parking for staff to service the facility and the building, sumps, pumps, and equipment have reached the end of their useful lives. The existing sumps, covers, and building pose high safety risk to personnel and to the public. The existing pumps are extremely difficult to remove, and maintenance complicated. Replacing the station on the existing site is not feasible and potential sites for relocation are limited. Staff have determined the preferred alternative is to abandon the lift station by constructing a new gravity sewer main.  Easements have been obtained and engineering design is complete to construct 2,100 linear feet of new 8” gravity sewer main in Mono Way from Hillsdale Dr. to Edgemont Acres Drive. Reconfigure manholes in the Mono Village Parking Lot and demolish the old lift station.

Mill Villa Sewer Lift Station

The Mill Villa Sewer Lift Station collects wastewater from approximately 285 residences in Mill Villa Manor and the Mill Villa Mobile Home Park. The lift station, sump pumps, pumps, check valves, generator, and equipment all needed to be replaced and the facility no longer met the District’s strict safety and operation requirements. Additionally, access to the site was extremely limited and difficult to maneuver.  In order to perform routine maintenance, a crane was required, consequently deferring maintenance.  The District has relocated pipping and valves around the lift station in order to more easily access and perform maintenance.  Additionally, a new sump pump, pumps, vault, piping, generator, and electrical equipment have been installed.  This vital project is nearly complete; the improvements will greatly increase the efficiency and reliability of this lift station and decrease operational costs.

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