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Longeway Loop Water Main Project

Longeway Loop Main Line

May 21, 2024 Project Update:

The Longeway Loop Water Mainline Project is in its final stages with 2,000 lineal feet of new 10” watermain installed and paving completed.  TUD crews will now focus their efforts on integrating the new mainline into the broader system which involves running water into other parts of the system and meticulously adjusting flows and pressure at the two newly constructed pressure reducing systems.

Project Purpose and Need:

Water from the Crystal Falls Water Treatment Plant flows by gravity to the Falls Tank on top of Crystal Falls. Only one 6” line brings water down the Falls into the lower Crystal Falls area. This line is undersized and vulnerable to rupture due to pressure surges. The water is then pumped by both the Rogue and Tehachapi pump stations up to the Mono Vista Tank. These two pump stations consume at least $25,000 of power each year, and some of that water flows by gravity back down to where it was pumped from. An intertie on Longeway Road will eliminate the two pump stations and provide redundancy for the water delivered to lower Crystal Falls.


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