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Completed Water Tank Replacement Projects

Water Tank

Have you ever wondered what that huge tank up on the hill was for?  It is a water tank reservoir storing water for the community.  Water tanks can be above or below the ground and it is where water is treated and then stored and then gravity feed and/or pumped into homes and businesses.  Water tanks are also used to maintain emergency storage supply during power outages, peak demands, and fire flow.  While TUD carefully maintains each water tank, most tanks only last 20-40 years.  Some tanks can be rehabilitated or replaced, In some cases, they can be consolidated with other tanks.

126k Tank
With the recent abandonment of the 420k tank and the Gopher Tank, storage at the 126k Tank site is even more critical.  This tank could serve the potential growth corridor down Jamestown Rd.  The tank was bolted steel and is close to reaching the end of its service life.  It was currently being operated at a reduced level due to rapid deterioration.

This project constructed a new 250,000-gallon welded steel tank with exterior roof rafters, forced air ventilation, cathodic protection, stairway access to the tank roof, telemetry monitoring equipment, piping and fittings.

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