Crystal Falls Techite Pipeline Replacement Project is Underway

The Crystal Falls Techite Pipeline Replacement project has begun. Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) personnel respond to mainline breaks multiple times each year on the segment of Techite pipeline from the Crystal Falls Water Treatment Plant to Middle Camp Road. This pipe segment functions as a transmission water main serving thousands of downstream customers. Techite pipe is an obsolete material that has proven to be very fragile. When the pipeline breaks, it ruptures catastrophically resulting in losing thousands of gallons of water and the potential to cause significant damage to adjoining properties. The entire replacement project consists of 3 phases and replaces approximately 9,000 lineal feet of pipeline.

The TUD Board of Directors awarded the Project’s first phase of pipeline replacement work to Njirich & Sons Inc. on August 25, 2020. Construction started last month to replace approximately 2,500 lineal feet of pipeline between Crystal Falls Water Treatment Plant and the Comstock Tank located in Cedar Ridge. The first phase costs $571,550 and is included in the District’s FY 2020 Capital Budget. The project was designed by the engineering consulting firm Provost and Pritchard and is estimated to be completed by December 31st, weather permitting.

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