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Curtis Creek Elementary School Water System Consolidation Project

Curtis Creek Water Line

The Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) alongside Curtis Creek Union School District and the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) celebrated the completion of the Curtis Creek Elementary School Water System Consolidation Project. The project was awarded to Mozingo Construction of Oakdale and began in Spring of 2022 and included the installation of approximately 5,535 linear feet of new water pipeline to Curtis Creek School, three new fire hydrants, and reconnected three raw water fire hydrants to the distribution system along Standard Rd. Completion of this water project ensures that Curtis Creek Elementary School has clean, reliable, potable drinking water as well as crucial fire flow prevention. Prior to the completion of this project, the school had been relying on an unreliable well, which had been problematic for several years and could not provide fire flow. Issues ranged from unavailable water during and following power outages, inadequate storage capacity, and poor water quality requiring the school to close multiple times per year and to purchase bottled water until the connection to TUD was complete and operational.

The Curtis Creek Elementary School Water System Consolidation Project was made possible through a $2.3 million SWRCB grant that TUD and Curtis Creek School worked collaboratively to secure. TUD and Tuolumne County partnered to ensure that the pipeline project was installed prior to the County’s planned repaving of Standard Road. The County deferred their project to accommodate the pipeline project and is scheduled to repave Standard Rd. in spring of 2023.

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