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Lower Columbia Ditch (Bo Leonard’s Shoot Flume)

Bo Leonards Shoot Flume

The Bo Leonard’s Shoot Flume is a segment of the Lower Columbia Ditch located between the Big Hill and Columbia Water Treatment Plants, about 2 miles north of the town of Columbia on Italian Bar Road. The Bo Leonard Shoot Flume segment is a 12-inch diameter, approximately 400 feet in length, concrete pipe exposed and broken in several places. The pipe is restricted in diameter and unable to deliver the full capacity of the ditch. Additionally, the grizzly screen is undersized, and the pipe segment is subject to plugging and spilling causing damage to adjacent property owners. The condition of this shoot flume condition threatens TUD water supply reliability.

This project involves installing a new 24-inch diameter pipe parallel to the existing concrete shoot flume to accommodate 7 CFS. The existing shoot flume will be left in place and will function as an emergency overflow. If the inlet to the new pipe becomes obstructed, water can spill into the old concrete pipe and continue flowing downhill to the ditch.

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