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Mono Vista Tank Replacement Project Update

Mono Vista Tank

Construction of the Mono Vista Tank Replacement Project is currently in progress. The TUD  Board of Directors awarded the project in June 2019 to Njirich & Sons, Inc., a local contractor, in the amount of $811,993.17. Underground work was completed a few months ago, including the installation of two check valves and the tank inlet and outlet vault. Construction of the tank itself started last week. Once completed, the new Mono Vista Tank will be a 400,000 gallon bolted steel tank with exterior roof rafters and an exterior stairway.  The project includes the demolition of the existing Mono Vista Tanks #1 and #2, the removal of existing onsite piping that is in poor condition, and the installation of new piping.

The Mono Vista Tank Replacement Project was identified by Staff as a high priority project after a dive inspection revealed the failing condition of the tank interior.  The existing tank has nearly 100% internal coatings failure above the water line and has severe corrosion on the center support beam and dollar plate, deeming it unsafe to enter or walk on.  The exterior of the existing tank is in poor condition as well.  This tank is a key component of the District’s distribution system, storing and distributing water in three different directions.  This tank also provides the District with the needed storage during the annual ditch outage.

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