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Sonora Water Treatment Plant Modernization

Sonora water Treatment Plant

Built in 1920, the Sonora Water Treatment Plant (WTP) located on a hilltop in downtown Sonora is one of the oldest water treatment plants that the District operates. Serving the greater Sonora area, this plant serves TUD’s largest customer base. Since this facility is over 100 years old, it requires upgrades and possible replacement soon.

Until such time the Sonora WTP can be replaced with a new facility, the District must modernize the electrical and automated operational controls at the facility.  The plant’s electrical components are severely outdated causing numerous complex and labor-intensive electrical control issues over the last few years.

Many existing components of the current electrical system are in poor condition, and presents safety risks to District staff, as well as a risk of an entire plant shutdown in the event of a short or other failure. Some of the existing chemical storage tanks have reached the end of their useful lives and do not meet current safety requirements. There is insufficient room to re-build many of the existing control panels in place. The backwash waste tank exhibits severe corrosion and is at the end of its useful life. The existing sedimentation basin is at the end of its useful life and has experienced baffle wall and flocculator failures.

The project scope includes design and replacement of panels and automated control systems and valves as well as installing all new control panels and systems. A new steel building was be erected to house larger chemical storage tanks that meet current safety requirements. The space created by removing the tanks will provide room to re-build control panels in a new laboratory and control room.

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