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Water Main Replacement Project Approved by TUD Board

Techite Pipeline

The TUD Board of Directors on Tuesday, August 25th, approved District Staff to proceed with Phase I of the Techite Pipeline Replacement Project to Njirich & Sons Inc. in the amount of $414,224.

District field crews respond to mainline water breaks multiple times each year on the segment of Techite pipeline from the Crystal Falls Water Treatment Plant to Middle Camp Road. This pipe segment functions as a transmission main serving thousands of downstream customers. Techite pipe is an obsolete material that has proven to be very fragile. When the pipeline breaks, it ruptures catastrophically resulting in the loss of thousands of gallons of water and oftentimes causing significant damage to adjoining properties. The entire project consists of 3 phases and will replace approximately 9,000 lineal feet of pipeline. Replacement of this line will translate to savings in labor, equipment, and materials associated with repair efforts multiple times per year and will improve water system reliability.

Five contractors submitted bids for Phase 1 of the Techite Pipeline Replacement Project ranging from $414,224 to $675,665. The lowest bid received was from Njirich & Sons, Inc. of Sonora. The Replacement pipeline project is scheduled to begin in September 2020.

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