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TUD Honors Employees During Water Professionals Week

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Tuolumne Utilities District is proud to honor its hard-working employees October 7th through 15th, as part of California’s annual Water Professionals Appreciation Week.

Water Professionals Appreciation Week was established in 2017 by Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 80, by Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa).  The measure was sponsored by a coalition of water associations led by the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) and including WateReuse California, California Municipal Utilities Association, California Association of Sanitation Agencies, and the California Water Association. Under SCR 80, the annually designated week begins on the first Saturday of October and ends on the Sunday of the following weekend.

The water industry offers a wide variety of rewarding career opportunities in water and wastewater treatment and distribution, construction, engineering, biology, finance, business administration, law, communications and many more types of positions in high-demand occupations. Thousands of water, wastewater and recycled water industry professionals in the state, including the 80 staff members working for the District, dedicate their careers to keeping drinking water, recycled water and treated wastewater safe and reliable for Californians.

The District extends its sincere gratitude and appreciation to its employees and the water and wastewater professionals who work 24/7 to provide excellent essential services to our community every day and accordingly declares October 7-15, 2023, Water Professionals Appreciation Week.

The TUD Board of Directors adopted a resolution expressing gratitude and appreciation for its employees in honor of Water Professionals Appreciation Week at its September 26, 2023, Board meeting.

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