General Manager Edwin R. Pattison comments on TUD’s PSPS response

November 4, 2019

The recent PG&E Public Safety Public Shutoffs (PSPS) are challenging for everyone, especially seniors and at-risk populations. TUD is sensitive to these challenges and is working hard to ensure continuous service during these difficult periods of time. During the last two PSPS events, TUD front line staff worked around the clock to provide reliable water and wastewater services to every customer.

TUD achieved this high-level of service safely and effectively by creating teams to mobilize resources where necessary, monitor water storage tank levels and sewer lift stations, and deploy, operate, rotate and fuel over 60 fixed and portable generators of varying sizes. The widespread power outage, combined with TUD’s large service area, posed enormous challenges for TUD’s front line staff to overcome. TUD’s Customer Service Department also provided invaluable service responding to customer’s concerns regarding service during these widespread power outages.

In response to overcoming challenges and providing continuous service, the TUD Board of Directors expressed their gratitude to District staff at the October 22nd Board meeting by approving a Resolution of Appreciation. One excerpt from the Resolution I would like to share with you reads as follows:

“WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of Tuolumne Utilities District and the residents of Tuolumne County served by the District commend the District staff for working around the clock to maintain and restore order to the District’s various water and wastewater systems.” With long hours and maintenance of equipment, safety still plays an important factor in these types of events. Although we hope that there will not be more PSPS power outages in the near future, you should feel some comfort in knowing that TUD will do its best to continue to provide our customers with water and wastewater services with little to no interruption.

As General Manager of TUD, I am proud of TUD staff working safely, effectively, and unselfishly as a team to meet the needs of our customers. Thank you to each and every staff member that serves to make this a high-performance organization responsive to community needs.

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