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Management Cuts Benefits

SONORA, CA: Following a reduction in Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) employee wages and benefits, the Tuolumne Utilities District management team has also agreed to reductions to their wages and benefits that will result in a cost savings to the District for today and future years. The five member District management team consists of the General Manager, District Engineer, Finance Director, Human Resources Director and Operations Manager. Managers agreed that all necessary efforts must be made during these current economic uncertainties.

The managers’ concessions include waiving the previously negotiated cost-of-living increases through 2014, and to reduce time-off benefits by six days. In addition, the General Manager reduced his own salary and waived time off benefits. The total annual savings for the 2013-2014 District budget is $37,000, and continues to compound in following years.

The District Board on Tuesday, March 27th, unanimously approved an Amended Employment Agreement for extending the General Manager Contract for Pete Kampa for another five year period, through March 27, 2017. Under the new contract, Kampa’s salary was reduced by $4,086 and he reduced his time off benefits for two years, which totals $7,111 per year. The overall compensation changes will result in a total compensation reduction of $11,197 or 7% per year.

“The District more than ever is looking at all ways to reduce its budget during these challenging economic times. Our staff is more committed than ever to finding the best solutions to reduce District costs. We all agreed that we are in this together and adjusting our wages and benefits will help us to meet our financial goals,” states Pete Kampa, General Manager.

The Tuolumne Utilities District currently serves over 44,000 Tuolumne County residents. The District currently owns and operates 14 water treatment plants, 81 treated water storage tanks, two wastewater treatment plants, approximately 57 miles of open ditches, 157 miles of sewer collection pipe and 330 miles of treated water pipeline.

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