TUD Issues Statement Regarding Sewer Spill in Twain Harte

Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) has confirmed with Twain Harte Community Services District (THCSD) that the District’s water supply has not been impacted by a sewer spill that occurred Wednesday, June 23rd, into Twain Harte Creek.

“TUD is evaluating the effects of the spill to the Sullivan Creek watershed which is below Twain Harte. The creek eventually flows into Phoenix Lake,” states Don Perkins, Interim General Manager for TUD. TUD is monitoring the spill and acknowledges THCSD’s immediate response to contain it.  “I spoke with Tom Trott, General Manager of THCSD, this morning to offer any help. TUD’s water supply has not been affected by the sewer spill,” continues Perkins.

“The incident that occurred in Twain Harte is a reminder that grease, wipes, and roots are prevalent, and everyone must do their part to be vigilant and mindful of the cost to the system,” Perkins states. TUD has been trying to educate the public on causes of sewer backups, such as not putting wipes in the pipes, with information on its website, https://tudwater.com/customer-service/sewer-services/.

According to Tom Trott, General Manager for THCSD, “District operators arrived on scene and were able to quickly contain the spill and clear the blockage, which was caused by a combination of roots, grease, swiffers and “flushable” wipes.” Trott added that an estimated 1,380 gallons of wastewater reached the creek, which flows into the 40-million-gallon Twain Harte Lake. Twain Harte Lake has been temporarily shut down as a precautionary measure while waiting for water quality testing results.

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