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Winter Storm Warning in Effect

Snow timeline
FEBRUARY 22, 2023-
The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the Motherlode, starting today through Saturday. Low snow is predicted along with high wind gusts and very low temperatures. If you have not taken steps to prepare for freezing temperatures, Tuolumne Utilities District would like to remind you of precautionary steps that will help you protect your home and property from cold winter conditions, and prevent pipes from freezing.
Insulate Exposed Pipes, Faucets and Pipes Prone to Freezing:
Outside pipes and faucets, and pipes in unheated garages and crawl spaces are most vulnerable to freezing weather. To prevent pipes from freezing, wrap them with insulating material. Cover them with plastic and secure with tape, string, or wire. Also, remember to disconnect garden hoses.
Locate Your Main Shut-Off Valve:
Don’t wait for an emergency. Find your main water shut-off valve now! It is commonly located next to the meter, in the garage, or outdoors by the foundation. If a pipe breaks, you can stop excessive water loss and flooding by turning off your main water shut-off valve.
If you suspect a water main is broken, immediately contact at (209) 532-5536 so broken pipes can be repaired as soon as possible. Visit the TUD website for more information on how to protect your home in the winter.
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