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Del Oro Water Company in Strawberry

SONORA, CA: Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD)  Board members last night unanimously approved an agreement to sell an emergency supply of water this summer to the Del Oro Water Company that serves the community of Strawberry. The extremely low water year has depleted the water supply at Herring Creek, the basis of Del Oro’s water supply.

“The residents at Strawberry are really faced with no alternative at this time,” states Pete Kampa, TUD General Manager. In a letter addressed to TUD in March, Del Oro Water Company put in an emergency request for up to 50 acre feet of emergency water out of the Stanislaus River. It is estimated that the Herring Creek water supply will go dry by mid-July. TUD will be charging Del Oro for this emergency water supply delivery.

“TUD is here to support all Tuolumne County communities that are in need of a water supply. Without an adequate water supply, the residents of Strawberry could not occupy their homes as a water supply is needed for sanitation purposes. It is through the partnership with PG & E that we could work on an agreement to supply water to Del Oro this summer,” continues Kampa.

The Tuolumne Utilities District currently serves over 44,000 Tuolumne County residents. The District currently owns and operates 14 water treatment plants, 71 treated water storage tanks, two wastewater treatment plants, approximately 57 miles of open ditches, 157 miles of sewer collection pipe and 330 miles of treated water pipeline.

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