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Phoenix Lake Preservation and Restoration Project Update

Project Update – February 6, 2020 

The District is continuing to move forward with the Phoenix Lake Preservation and Restoration Project. If you live near Phoenix Lake you may notice the following activity:

  1. ) Bird deterrents being placed such as owl figurines, orange spheres that look like eyes, and shiny ribbon. These measures will protect the birds by encouraging them to build nests at safer locations.
  2. ) Extremely low lake water levels. The lake has been drained as low as possible in order to dry as much as the lake as possible in preparation for dredging operations.
  3. ) An increase of people looking at the lake. Perspective contractors may wish to see the lake before placing bids. TUD will also be conducting field meetings with various personnel.

Next steps: The District anticipates receiving the final required environmental permits by the end of February 2020 to move to the next phase of this project.

For more information and updates to this project, go to the TUD website link: https://tudwater.com/projects/phoenix-lake/


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