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TUD Moving Forward with Improvements to Willow Springs Water Lines

The Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD or District) plans to invest $24.7 million dollars in water related Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) over the next five years. One of the many critical water projects identified in the CIP plan is the Willow Springs Distribution Improvements Project which replaces approximately 6,000 linear feet of leaky, undersized, galvanized steel pipe that has had a very high maintenance factor.

The District’s construction and maintenance crews initiated the first phase of this pipeline replacement project in November 2019 and have already installed 1,000 lineal feet of new pipeline, replaced service laterals and installed two new fire hydrants in the Willow Springs subdivision of Soulsbyville. The project will increase the flow capacity and efficiency, water quality,  system redundancy by looping the dead-end lines and mitigate the chronic and frequent leaks in the area  reducing associated after hour labor and repair costs.

The Willow Springs Distribution Improvements Project is a four year long project with an estimated cost of $5.2 million dollars. District construction crews are currently working in the areas of Willow Springs West, Tanner Drive and Caylor Drive and will move into additional areas throughout the year.

For more information about TUD Capital Improvement Projects, visit the TUD website at https://tudwater.com/about-us/capital-improvement-plan-and-rates/


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