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Phoenix Lake Project Update – 6/24/2020


After many years of meetings and careful planning, TUD is excited to announce that the Phoenix Lake Preservation and Restoration Project (Project) is finally underway! The District was awarded grant funding from the Tuolumne-Stanislaus Integrated Regional Water Management Authority  (T-S IRWMA). In May 2020, the Board of Directors awarded a $4.1 million construction contract with Steve Manning Construction, Inc. (SMC) for the construction phase of the Project. Residents adjacent to the Phoenix Lake area will notice heavy equipment being moved into the area soon with actual construction activity in the reservoir beginning in early August.

SMC, over the course of the next two summer seasons, will remove at least 200,000 cubic yards of sediment material from the reservoir increasing storage capacity and realigning the major stream inlets. The contractor will work cooperatively with TUD and PG&E to maintain uninterrupted water service to the community. Careful planning, coordination, and communication among multiple stakeholders and landowners is underway in order to ensure a successful project. Please note: The reservoir level will remain low throughout the summer and will be further drained when the dewatering bypass is constructed allowing the lakebed to dry prior to heavy equipment entering the lake. Drier soils are more easily placed and compacted and will be relocated to the apple orchards to the north of the reservoir. 

The completion of this Project will provide a healthier and more resilient water supply to the community. For more information and updates to this project, visit https://tudwater.com/projects/phoenix-lake/


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