Tuolumne City Sanitary Dissolution Update

SONORA, CA: Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) is continuing its review process of Tuolumne City Sanitary District’s (TCSD) financial status and the move towards TCSD’s dissolution. TCSD and TUD have been working together for almost a year on a dissolution agreement that would turn all TCSD contracts, debts and assets, including the wastewater plant over to TUD.

Before the dissolution is complete TUD staff is thoroughly reviewing the entire operations and overall financial stability of TCSD. “This process does take time and we want to make sure that we have been very diligent by looking at all financial obligations that TCSD may have. We are also thinking about our own customers and want to make sure that they are not faced with any burdens with the dissolution of TCSD by us taking over their operations,” states Pete Kampa, General Manager for TUD. Kampa continues, “Until the dissolution agreement is finalized, TUD will be working with TCSD to oversee its operations, review permits and agreements so that they stay in compliance with the state permits. The safety of the community is always a concern.”

The dissolution agreement between the two Districts is still months away from being completed. The dissolution also must be approved by the Tuolumne County Local Agency Formation Commission, known as LAFCO, which reviews the boundaries of special districts.

Tuolumne City Sanitary District is located in Tuolumne and currently serves about 900 customers in addition to the Black Oak Casino operations. Tuolumne Utilities District has the largest wastewater treatment facility in the county and maintains over 157 miles of sewer collection pipeline.

The Tuolumne Utilities District currently serves over 44,000 Tuolumne County residents. The District currently owns and operates 15 water treatment plants, 71 treated water storage tanks, two wastewater treatment plants, approximately 57 miles of open ditches and 330 miles of treated water pipeline.

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