Annual Water Quality Report Released

Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD or District) has released its Annual Water Quality Report (also known as the Consumer Confidence Report), covering all testing of treated drinking water performed from January 1st through December 31, 2021. The water quality report covers the District’s treated water service areas, 11 surface water treatment plants, and 12 active wells. TUD’s surface water comes from the South Fork of the Stanislaus River at Lyons Reservoir via the Tuolumne Main Canal by agreement with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

The Annual Water Quality Report (Report) is available for the public to view or download at the District’s website 2021 Annual Water Quality Report. TUD’s dedicated staff is working hard under enhanced safety precautions to supply safe, reliable, and plentiful water to homes and businesses. Over the years, District staff maintains a strong commitment to producing drinking water that meets or exceeds all State and Federal standards. The District strives to adopt new and efficient methods for delivering the best-quality drinking water to its customers. As new challenges to drinking water safety emerge, TUD remains vigilant in meeting Source Water Protection, Water Efficiency Practices, and Community Education goals while serving all water users’ needs.

Congress amended the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1996, adding the requirement for water systems to deliver an Annual Water Quality Report (Report) to its customers. The Report includes information on source water, levels of any detected contaminants, drinking water regulation compliance (including monitoring requirements), and educational information.

In conjunction with the release of the Annual Water Quality Report, TUD is conducting an online Service Line Inventory Survey. The State, Health and Safety Code Section 116885, requires TUD to compile an inventory of service lines in its water distribution system. TUD is asking for your assistance in compiling the Customer Side of this inventory. The survey gathers information about your home’s internal plumbing material, the kind of plumbing material used to construct your home’s service line, from the water meter to the inlet of the house, and the age of your home. To complete the survey click, TUD Service Line Inventory Survey.

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