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New Development


Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm

Antonio Ramirez | New Development Coordinator
Phone: 209.532.5536 ext. 511
Email: [email protected]

If a proposed project site is not adjacent to an existing District water and/or sewer main the project proponent will be required to extend these facilities to the project site. Water and sewer main extensions must be constructed by a Class A or C-34 licensed contractor under District inspection and when completed will be transferred to District for ownership, operation and maintenance. Water and sewer main extensions require a Board approved agreement between the developer and the District Board of Directors. The new development packet documents below provide information to assist the developer through TUD’s new development process including: sample developer agreement, and various applications, check lists and templates.

Not sure where to start? Download the TUD New Development brochure which should help guide you through your project.

All new development is required to pay a one-time capacity fee to offset the capacity consumed by the proposed project in District’s water and wastewater facilities and for costs associated with construction of new facilities required to serve their project. Please note capacity or ”change of use” fees may be required for new uses that are proposed at existing businesses or properties which may already have service with the District.

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